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Monthly Archives: Septembrie 2012

Lady in red <3

There is a misconception that redheads can not wear red!I do not agree with this! I love red and I will wear it whenever I will get the chance, it’s so vibrant color. I think the right shade of red can be worn by anyone.

Exista o conceptie gresita ca roscatele nu pot purta rosu! Eu nu sunt deacord cu asta! Imi place culoarea rosie si o voi purta ori de cate ori voi avea ocazia, este o culoare atat de vibranta. Cred ca nuanta potrivita de rosu poate fi purtata de oricine.

Dress ~ NISSA

Shoes ~ BLANCO

Clutch ~ ZARA


Summer review!

The days of summer run so fast and there are so many new memories that need to be made. Today is a lazy Sunday…September is here..I can not believe summer go!  I chose for you a few of the many pictures taken this summer. Hope you enjoy them!


Zilele de vara trec asa repede si mai sunt inca multe amintiri de facut! Azi lenevesc doar.. septembrie e vine sa cred ca trece vara! Am ales pentru voi cateva poze din multele facute vara asta. Sper sa va placa 🙂