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How to Rock Chunky Knits


While wearing chunky knits might be easy for some, it proves to be a challenge for others. I mean I love knits, but they can sometimes make me look bulky, especially when I’m all layered up. Wouldn’t you agree?

Fortunately, they are lots of ways to wear chunky knits tastefully without sacrificing comfort. How to do it? Check out this tips:

1. Slim fit


Light Brown Sweater Coat

All you have to remeber when wearing chunky knits is to pair them with some type of skinny clothing and know what shoes will go good with them. It’s that simple!

2. Skinny silhouette 


Chunky Port Sweater

Wearing oversized coats with a pair of skinny jeans is a staple in the fashion world and should be in yours as well. Too much chunk is bad enough so try to balance your attire out with a good pair.

3. Sexy and cozy


Apricot Cutout Sweater

If you don’t feel comfortable in sweaters at all and are feeling a little bit on the daring side, then try out a cutout  sweater dress. Despite the cutouts, this knit will still keep warm while keeping you sexy at the same time.

4. Mystery hood


Hooded Sweater Cape

Put on some boots and tights with that coat and be ready to receive some nice compliments from your friends. Or better yet, get mistaken for a famous celebrity ( they wear this attire way too often.. just a quick tip ).

5. Classy flat


Oversize Open Front Cardigan – Beige

Flats or doll shoes go nice with some chunky knits. Take a loot at the picture above for proof. Don’t they just look gorgeous? I have a few pairs myself and they are just awesome.

6. Mock it



Mock Layer Top

Try on a mock layer top if you are aiming for that cute anime look. That is, if you are a fan like me. Teehee!  A classic grey sweater finds a perfect match in skinny fit jeans or with leather shorts and towering booties for an edgy look.

These style tips are pretty easy to pull of. So the next time you feel the need to wear thick-load of knits to stay warm, then consider these tips. After all, the cold season isn’t a good enough reason to look like a frump.


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